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STOXX thematic indices

Position portfolios for growth, leveraging forward-looking trends changing our society

Why is thematic investing relevant?

Thematic investing, particularly in form of thematic ETFs which track thematic indices, has seen exponential growth over the last few years as investors seek to diversify away from traditional cycle-sensitive sector exposures and into long-term structural economic trends.

In doing so, they target the beneficiaries of transformative forces shaping the global economy and societies. Primarily among them is the wave of technology-driven innovation, which creates efficiencies in businesses, shifts human activity to the digital space, and pushes breakthrough advances in healthcare, communications, and other industries.

What is the difference between thematic and sector investing?

It’s important to distinguish between thematic investing or theme investments and sector investing. In a nutshell, thematic indices select stocks belonging to multiple sectors that suit a theme, while sector indices focus on one particular sector. A typical sector index will concentrate on banking, chemicals or construction. Thematic indices are much broader, a typical thematic index will focus on a theme such as digital security or breakthrough healthcare.

What are the megatrends and how do they drive thematic investing?

Seismic shifts in the environment, demographics and technology — known as megatrends — are transforming politics, economics and consumer behavior. Thematic investing positions portfolios for growth, seeking the beneficiaries of these broad and disruptive developments changing our society.

Megatrend #1:


Growing societal awareness of environmental and sustainability issues are impacting our quality of life


Megatrend #2:

Future technology

Technological advancements and digital innovations are changing our daily lives and making them more efficient


Megatrend #3:


Shifts in global demographics will bring significant challenges and opportunities for societies and businesses

What makes STOXX’s thematic indices different?


We have a team of dedicated thematic product developers researching new themes, allowing us to identify emerging trends ahead of the competition

Long-term view

We develop solutions that are intended to span business cycles and focus on megatrends rather than short-termism


We work closely with clients from idea generation to launch while drawing from both external and internal expertise


Our expertise allows us to tweak a concept, amend the starting universe, and apply additional data sets if needed

Open architecture

Clients benefit from our partnerships with leading data providers

How are thematic indices calculated?

Our thematic indices focus on companies from various industries honing in on a range of structural concepts with long-term economic impact. They attempt to identify current megatrends with future impact using a rules-based, transparent, and systematic approach. The indices can be used as underlyings for thematic ETFs, thematic funds, structured products and exchange-traded derivatives.

When it comes to thematic investing, there is no one-for-all approach. Therefore, we use different selection methodologies.

Which selection methodologies are used?


Considers a company’s revenue exposure to pre-defined sectors

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Patent data is analyzed to capture companies that are market leaders and innovators in the identified technologies

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Key thematic indices

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STOXX Global Digital Entertainment and Education Index

Our recent white paper, “The future of school and play: STOXX Global Digital Entertainment and Education Index,” analyzes the performance of the index versus the broad market. The STOXX Global Digital Entertainment and Education Index (GDEE Index) captures the global digital transformation of entertainment and education — a long-term structural change. Between 2015 and 2022, the index outperformed both the global market and the STOXX Global 3000 Media Index and demonstrated similar performance (with different drivers) to the STOXX Global 3000 Technology Index.

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