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Equity indices

For over 30 years, STOXX and DAX indices have provided liquid and efficient access to stock markets across the globe

STOXX’s equity indices include the iconic EURO STOXX 50 and DAX indices, two of the most widely used indices in the world. In addition to these indices, we offer a comprehensive range of equity indices that provide investors with attractive, fully transparent investment solutions. Worldwide, clients use our equity indices as underlyings for financial products such as ETFs, funds, structured products and derivatives.

Equity index categories

Benchmark indices

Our Benchmark indices are market capitalization weighted indices with a fixed number of constituents, e.g. STOXX Global 1800 and STOXX Europe 600.

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Blue-chip indices

The Blue-chip indices are fixed-number indices, whose components are the largest companies by free-float market capitalization of their geographic region, e.g. EURO STOXX 50 and DAX.

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Global and regional indices

We offer a range of global, regional and country indices in different size segments. These include the Benchmark and Blue-chip families but also the STOXX Total Market Country Indices (TMI) and the STOXX World Equity Indices.

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Size indices

Size indices are derived from STOXX Benchmark and STOXX Global Total Market (TMI) indices. Companies are grouped by their total market capitalization in their specific regions.

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Sector indices

Sector indices are derived from STOXX Benchmark and STOXX Global Total Market (TMI) indices according the ICB industry classification for various regions.

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Strategy indices

Our Strategy indices track sophisticated investment strategies and include the EURO STOXX 50 Volatility (VSTOXX) index as well as short, leveraged, hedged, decrement, risk-weighted, currency and other indices.

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Key benefits


STOXX and DAX indices track the most important global and regional markets with a proven, objective methodology


Index calculation and changes to the index composition follow publicly available transparent rules

Track record

Our indices are established as underlyings for derivatives, ETFs, index funds and structured products

Key equity indices

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Apr 25

Infographic: European equities – Attractive valuations offer opportunities

While Europe is known for some of the world’s most iconic brands, its stock univese offers additional opportunities that may be lesser known.

Apr 24

New paper explores investor preferences through passive investment flows

ETF flows can provide key information about the revealed preferences of investors. A STOXX paper analyzes fund purchases to determine the long-term choices across style, industry and regional exposures.

Apr 22

European benchmarks – the STOXX ecosystem 

STOXX’s European benchmarks offer transparent and liquid exposure to the region, and are at the center of a wide ecosystem of derived investment strategies and products. Those characteristics have made the indices the top choice for issuers of investable products.

Apr 08

Europe’s ‘GRANOLAS’ overtake US ‘Magnificent Seven’ in performance

They have strong profitability, low volatility and have been quietly leading gains in the European equity market. The GRANOLAS – a group of 11 large, international companies – may have the right attributes for the current macro environment, argues Goldman Sachs.

Market trends
Apr 04

STOXX Global 1800 extends record rally in March on economic outlook

The global benchmark jumped 3.2% last month for a quarterly gain of 9%. All regional indices rose as reports suggested the global economy has avoided a hard landing. Momentum is the best-performing factor for a second straight month.

Apr 03

Monthly Index News: March 2024

Stocks gained for a fifth straight month in March, lifting the STOXX® Global 1800 index to a new all-time high, as investors raised their estimates for global economic growth.

New product launches
Mar 25

STOXX Licences First Crypto Blue Chip Index, Co-developed with Bitcoin Suisse, to Valour Inc.

STOXX Ltd., part of the ISS STOXX GmbH group of companies and a leading provider of benchmark and custom index solutions to global institutional investors, has licensed the STOXX Digital Asset Blue Chip Index to Valour Inc. The index, which marks STOXX’s entry into the digital asset space, will serve as an underlying for an exchange traded product (ETP) listed on Xetra, a leading trading venue for ETFs & ETPs in Europe. The index was developed in partnership with crypto-financial services provider Bitcoin Suisse.

Listed Derivatives
Mar 18

Eurex introduces futures on STOXX Semiconductor 30 index

The products offer market participants liquid exposure to an industry whose sales are booming on demand from artificial intelligence, mobile gadgets and electronic vehicles.